AM2 Test

AM2 Test

Course Summary

The Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) test is normally completed at the end of an electrical advanced apprenticeship.
3 days
£595 + VAT
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Who is it for?

The AM2 test is aimed at people nearing completion of an apprenticeship. If you are currently part of the JIB Apprentice Training Scheme or coming to the end of the Electrical Installation Advanced Apprenticeship then the AM2 will be a requirement to complete your qualification.

You may also be interested in the AM2 if you need to use the test to provide evidence that you have met the assessment requirements of one of the following:

  • NVQ Level 3: Electrical Installation Buildings & Structures
  • NVQ Level 3: Electrical Maintenance

What is it?

The Achievement Measurement 2 (AM2) is an essential part of an electrical apprenticeship, the test demonstrates that you have the required level of competence expected by the industry in the following areas:

  • The interpretation of specifications, drawings and diagrams.
  • Risk assessments and health & safety.
  • Planning and preparing to install, terminate and connect identified wiring systems.
  • Safe isolation.
  • Installing, termination and connecting identified wiring systems.
  • Inspection, testing and certification.
  • Fault diagnosis and correction of electrical faults.
  • The understanding and application of industry recognised procedures, working practices and the requirements of statutory and non-statutory regulations.

In accordance with the installation specification and the relevant statutory and non-statutory regulations you will be expected to install, terminate, correct, inspect, test and commission the following:

  • A three-phase distribution board and sub-circuit
  • A three-phase direct-on-line motor circuit
  • Single phase lighting and power circuits
  • A central heating/sustainable energy system
  • A safety services circuit and device
  • A data cabling system

The examination is broken down into four sections:

Section A1: Safe isolation and risk assessment (1 hour)
Section AComposite Installation (8.5 hours)
Section B: Inspection and Testing of the composite installation (3.5 hours)
Section C: Safe isolation and fault diagnosis (2.5 hours)
Section D: Assessment of Applied Knowledge (1 hour)

Why do the test?

The AM2 is designed to assess competence and reasoning: it assesses the levels of understanding and competence to carry out the work and produce effective outcomes, rather than whether a candidate can blindly follow a particular process by route. Even when following the correct procedures, different people have different ways of arriving at the same, correct outcome.

Before completing the AM2 test candidates must complete the AM2 Self-assessment checklist, all candidates must provide their assessment centre with a completed copy, signed by themselves and their employer or training provider. This is to confirm that all parties consider the candidate ready to undertake the test. The AM2 checklist details what is expected during the four sections of the test once you and your employer believe you to have knowledge in each section you are ready to take the test.

The AM2 self-assessment checklist can be downloaded and printed here.

Course information

The AM2 takes place over three days in our purpose built AM2 centre. The test will begin at 8.15am and run until around 4.30pm each day with a one hour lunch break. An assessor will be present in the room at all times and will check on your progress throughout each day.

When is it?

We run AM2 tests starting on most Mondays and Tuesdays throughout the year (excluding public holidays). For scheduled dates please contact our training team on 0845 900 3600.

Where is it?

The AM2 test takes place at our Gloucester centre.

Other information

Candidates preparing for their AM2 test might like to consider our pre-test. The course is designed to prepare you for the test and identify specific areas requiring revision for each candidate. When booked alongside the AM2 test the fees are just £250 + VAT.